Wall-Climbing Robot

The HB1 robot is capable of climbing across a wide range of surfaces.


Any work that demands ascending to a high place has some danger, and the HB1 robot's design takes this into account. It can climb walls and even ceilings, removing the need for humans to do it.

The bot has wheels covered with rubber tires and the unit is connected to the ground remote control unit via a 110-volt electrical tether. The robot can be outfitted with up to 6 kg of equipment to perform tasks such as painting walls and performing visual and ultrasonic structural assessments.

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The wall-climbing bot uses a series of electric fans to generate suction to keep it in position on a vertical surface without the need for a complete seal. The HB1 can pass through flat or curved, rough or smooth surfaces, and roll on small obstacles (such as electrical wires and pipes) that may exist on these surfaces.

HausBots, a University of Warwick spin-off company, built the HB1 robot and is currently seeking new customers to register for updates on the company's website. There is currently no information on pricing or availability.


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