Hygienic Lounge-Like Concept Car

Hyundai SEVEN SUV concept car is designed for the COVID era.

‘Hygienic’ Lounge-Like Concept Car

Before last year's virus epidemic, the Hyundai concept car would have been a dream vehicle for any hygiene enthusiast. With the coronavirus still lingering in the air, it's becoming increasingly important to invest in a vacuum with filters to help reduce the danger of exposure. As the coronavirus is still fresh in our minds, Hyundai Motor’s electric car concept has become a necessity.

Hyundai's 'SEVEN' SUV concept car, which debuted at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show, explores the notion of a living room on wheels since it features a rotatable lounge seat and a bench seat that can be modified to match the driver's demands, as well as a control lever on the driver's seat.

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"SEVEN" includes a Hygiene Air Flow system, which is inspired by commercial aircraft airflow management and is designed to keep the front and back air separate to prevent "cross-contamination." The Hygiene Air Flow device may be utilized while driving or parked.

There is also a "vertical" airflow option, in which air enters through the roof rail air intakes and escapes through the vents behind the rear wheels. Simultaneously, in "horizontal" mode, air flows from the dashboard to the wheel vents.

The interior of the concept car also has "hygienic" elements such as copper, which has antibacterial characteristics, hygienically-treated cloth, and a shoe storage box that can even deodorize footwear.

When the vehicle is not in use, it undergoes Ultraviolet-C (UVC) sterilization, which disinfects the surrounding air, water, and nonporous surfaces. Since UVC radiation is harmful to the eyes and skin, no one must be in the car during this cycle.

The 'SEVEN' concept exemplifies Hyundai's innovative vision and cutting-edge technical advancements for our electric transportation future.

‘Hygienic’ Lounge-Like Concept Car

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