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Compact Wearable Self-Therapy Device

Wellscare is going to showcase the upgraded version of the self-therapy device at CES 2022.

self-therapy device

Wellcare, the health tech startup that revolutionized the global spine care industry with its first-ever self-therapy device and app, is excited to announce its return to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2022. The event, colloquially known as the largest technology trade show in the world, will feature Wellcare’s newest lineup of products, including the IASO-Ultra, a wearable self-therapy device for herniated disk patients.

Quick-acting patches and gels can relieve pain immediately, but they usually need to be applied to the painful area, which is not always convenient. IASO-Ultra is a unique wearable device that can be used to relieve pain anytime, anywhere.

Back pain is a common and frustrating condition that affects millions of people every year. Most cases of back pain are caused by multiple factors, such as poor posture, sports injuries, and muscle strains. However, a large proportion of people experience back pain due to a condition called visual display terminal syndrome or VDT. VDT is due to the frequent use of visual display terminals, such as computers, which causes various health problems for some people. (Via)

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