Kids-Owned Fashion Apparel Line

Mia and Tatiana Escalante became CEOs of their fashion apparel line.

kids-owned fashion apparel line


The 5-year-old and 4-year-old sisters from Sydney are launching their first fashion apparel line under their brand Mia x Tati Store.  Mia and Tatiana Escalante wore matching outfits and appeared at Australian Fashion Week, making headlines in Australia.

The brand's products reflect the sisters' pursuit in the fashion industry to provide comfortable clothing for users. The Mia x Tati store offers fashionable, unisex clothing, giving priority to comfort.

The Sydney-based duo has similar interests in that they like dressing up in coordinated ensembles, and their Instagram account has over 740,000 followers since their parents began it two years ago.

The young entrepreneurs' mother Nga Escalante, told Daily Mail Australia in an interview that her daughters create their fashion apparel line to truly represent their styles and show how easy it is to create a stylish look with daily necessities. (Via)

kids-owned fashion apparel line

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