Futuristic Indoor Planter

Klaustrafloria is a smart self-watering indoor planter.

indoor planters

Creating an artificial garden within your home is ideal for individuals who live in homes or flats with no outside space. Indoor planters are an excellent choice for growing plants in the comfort of your own home. The Klaustrafloria planter is perfect for individuals who want to grow fresh produce indoors efficiently.

The tall cage-like planter is offered in a stark white color and has a sleek futuristic design with phytolamps, a backlight, and an autonomous watering system.

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The primary body of the planter is a stylish cage within which the plants grow, followed by a base that comprises a changeable inner pot, a water chute, an LED water level indicator, an auto watering system, and a 12-liter water tank. The detachable inner pot includes a container with drainage rocks. After planting, the plants will germinate through the slots in the container within 2-3 months.

Water is delivered to the facility through a tank connected to the reservoir below. Thanks to the automatic watering system, plants can provide themselves with the amount of water they need after growing for more than 2-3 months. The intuitive indicator lets you know when and how much water to add.

The planter includes built-in phytolamps which emits lights useful for seedlings or when there is insufficient light in winter. LED lights emit light from the precise spectrum required for the photosynthesis of plants.

During the epidemic, indoor gardening gained popularity and Klaustrafloria makes indoor gardening a real pleasure and very easy to practice.

indoor planters

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