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Drone-Shaped Bed

Drone Racing League's limited-edition drone-shaped bed sells for $25,000.

limited-edition drone-shaped bed

Drone Racing League has produced a limited edition drone-shaped bed just in time for the holidays, which is said to be inspired by the flagship DRL Racer4 quadcopter that was driven this season.

It comes in two sizes: a twin bed version and a bigger full bed version. The DRL logo is shown directly on the front and coated with high-quality scratch-resistant furniture paint.

There are four arms on each side of the bed, which support a rotating propeller made of high-density foam. Red LED lights illuminate the arm as well. Those who want to enjoy drone racing can also choose to customize the bed with a TV mount at the feet.

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The drone-shaped bed is equipped with a sleeping mask, which is designed to look like First Person View drone goggles. The package, however, does not include essentials like beds, pillows, or themed sheets.

Only a limited number of drone beds will be manufactured, and they can be purchased on the company website for $25,000. (Via)

limited-edition drone-shaped bed

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