Load Carrying Four-Wheeled Robot

Hyundai's MobED robot is designed to carry anything.

load carrying robot

The Mobile Eccentric Droid, or MobED, is the latest in a growing line of robots designed to be capable of carrying heavy loads. Unlike traditional robots designed to navigate industrial environments, Hyundai's MobED is designed to navigate the human environment, from picking up items from store shelves to transporting people, objects, and even small animals.

MobED has been carefully designed to provide a unique delivery experience. Its primary body is a flat rectangle, allowing it to adapt to areas that other delivery systems cannot. The robot rides on four independent large suspension wheels and can travel smoothly on rugged terrain. MobED is a powerful robot because of its advanced systems for steering, braking, and altitude control.

Each wheel is driven individually by three electric motors, offering the greatest power and precision steering possible, as well as remarkable agility and body position control.

The 12-inch pneumatic tires on the MobED are a great tool to absorb bumps and vibrations, allowing it to carry even the most delicate payloads.

The wheelbase of MobED expands to 25 inches when it is moving at speed and shrinks to only 17 inches when navigating more complex terrain. These changes in the wheelbase allow the robot to maneuver through tight spaces and quickly adjust to changes in elevation.

In the future, it is expected that MobED could also be used as a mobility device for the elderly or the disabled, but it would first need to be made bigger to allow them to move around more independently and reduce their reliance on family members or carers.

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MobED will be officially unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 in January,  where it will demonstrate its full capabilities in performing tasks in complex and challenging environments. (Via: the verge, Dailymail)

load carrying robot

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