Snack Box with Silicone Finger Grip

Monchi snack box ensures that kids can eat without making a mess.

snack box with silicone finger grip

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people pay more attention to cleanliness, but there is still room for improvement. What should be done to limit transmission? From a public health perspective, this epidemic is embarrassing.

There are only two kinds of people in the world: those who lick their fingers after eating and those who seek the nearest sink after a meal. No matter which camp you belong to, there’s one thing we can all agree on: we all make a mess when we eat. But not everyone is content to simply clean up after themselves. Some people take it a step further and try to reduce the mess in the first place.

This one-of-a-kind space-saving, elegant snack box is ideal for everything from cereal to chips. Cookies and fries have always been popular finger snacks, but they're also messy - this product may be the solution.

Monchi snack box features a silicone grip to reduce the mess and still allow kids to eat with their hands.

A Nus Design Studio created the Monchi as a parent-friendly as well as a kid-friendly snack box with a flexible silicone cover, with the primary goal of promoting healthy eating for both kids and parents. It has a flexible silicone lid and integrated stretching grips to fit multiple hand sizes.

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Monchi is a snack box with a timeless design that incorporates a finger grip cover. Food-friendly plastics and food-grade silicone make it safe for children, while not sacrificing style or function.

The Monchi is a great option for families who want to reduce the mess while they eat, and it is also a great alternative to traditional plastic bags or containers.

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