NFT-Based Virtual Pet Clothing

Tribute Brand's Pepa Paris is a virtual pet clothing label.

virtual pet clothing

Tribute Brand launched Pepa Paris, a new series dedicated to virtual pet clothing. With the launch of this update, you will be able to dress your furry buddies in Metaverse.

Virtual pet clothing comes in the form of six NFTs each, with 300 copies available. This idea came after Tribute Brand founder Gala Marija Vrbanic created a digital version of her physical pet Pepa and named it "Dogatar".

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Dogatar is Pepa's meta-universe twin, limited to 10 two-dimensional collections. Tribute Brand has designed three ready-to-wear styles for your virtual pet, namely LEPA, BESNI, and FIDO.

Six Pepa Paris NFTs will be offered in "The Dematerialised" with multimedia rewards. Having Pepa Paris NFT allows you to access Snapchat and Instagram filters for use on your pets. (Via)

virtual pet clothing

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