At-Home Pet Grooming Appliance

The Pet Dry Room is a grooming appliance to keep your furry friends dry and clean.

At-Home Pet Grooming Appliance

One of the most difficult chores in dog grooming is drying. Depending on the pet, you may need to use multiple tools to complete the task.

Korean start-up Avec and found/Founded created an at-home grooming appliance allowing pet owners a better way to keep their pets dry and clean all the time.

found/Founded focuses on developing and manufacturing pet products. The Pet Drying Room is suitable for cats and dogs to dry their fur and fleece thoroughly.

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The Pet Drying Room is the size of a mini-refrigerator and takes up very little space. The product is quite simple to use. Simply place your pet in the dryer, which is the size of a washing machine, and set the temperature. Additionally, a sterilization option is available to help preserve your pet's health. (Via)

At-Home Pet Grooming Appliance

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