Pokemon-Themed Cable Protector

Cable Bite: Pokemon Pocket Monster cable protector comes in a mystery box.

Pokemon-themed cable protector

Cables get pulled, twisted, and bent in every direction. If you’ve ever seen a cable fray and break over time, you’ll understand why protecting your cables is so important.
The Cable Bite Pokemon Pocket Monster protects your cables from the stresses of everyday life, making them last longer and keeping your devices in working order. You don’t have to settle for cables that wear down over time.

Sukoshi Mart is a small online retailer that specializes in selling a wide variety of items, ranging from practical products like phone chargers and skincare to more fun items like plushies, snacks, and video games. 

The cute cable protector is a fun way to personalize your cables. It comes in a mystery box with one of six distinct Pokemon designs inside. Each design differs in size and color, making them ideal to brighten up your cables.

The cable protector is meant to make it appear as though your favorite Pokémon is embracing the most vulnerable areas on your cable, making them the perfect way to show off your sense of style.
Pokémon lovers can collect all of these, from the originally sleeping Pikachu to the evolution of Eevee such as Espeon and Umbreon, to protect their cables.

Pokemon-themed cable protector

Pokemon-themed cable protector

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