Autonomous Mobility Concept

Polestar Röna's autonomous mobility concept has two modes for driving.

autonomous mobility concept

Travel has always been a source of excitement and adventure. But when travel restrictions are put in place, it can feel as though that sense of excitement has been paused. However, being able to travel freely again is a reminder of just how exciting traveling can be.

Thanks to the work of forward-thinking designers, the future will see the development of flying cars, jetpacks, and other travel concepts that will change the way we travel forever. We’re already seeing the beginnings of this future in the form of flying taxis and high-speed rail systems, which are set to revolutionize the way we get from A to B. But the true impact of these new transportation technologies will be felt when they finally become a part of our everyday lives. 

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German designer Yida Li has come up with Polestar Röna, an autonomous vehicle that transforms between two modes of transport - urban and adventure, depending on the need.
When the Polestar Röna is in urban mode, the rear seats fold forward to provide room for two persons and their luggage. When traveling through congested city streets, the car stands erect and as slim as possible.
When adventure mode is enabled, the vehicle turns 90 degrees and loses most of its ground clearance, making it feel more like a conventional sports car. This encourages drivers to move quickly and with as much freedom as possible and also the adventure mode makes the perfect travel companion for long, cross-country road trips.
Polestar Röna combines futuristic advanced driver assistance systems with the infinite adaptability of self-driving technology. The drivers may choose between autonomous and manual driving modes, enhancing their sense of freedom even in the future of AI-controlled vehicles. (Via)
autonomous mobility concept

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