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Pine Cone Shaped Computer Mouse

Q Seo’s TREE-Mouse is an ergonomic accessory in the shape of a pine tree.

Pine Cone Shaped Computer Mouse

Christmas is approaching, and we are still looking for unique gifts for family members and friends.

Q Seo’s TREE-Mouse is one of the best gifts. It is shaped like a pine cone, showing the unique green color of the pine cone tree. In addition to the charming classic appearance, this peripheral is also carefully designed to relieve tension when using it.

The peripheral includes a vertical holding posture, which decreases pressure on the carpal tunnel area and allows it to be utilized properly without putting any strain on the hand. Q Seo's accessory differs from regular mice in that it has a touch scroll button on top and left and right-click buttons next to it.

The Tree mouse's On/Off and AAA battery access ports are situated on the bottom. The weight of the battery offers additional stability to the peripheral when in use. Using two fingers is not feasible for the Tree mouse, but it is not a major problem for the user.

Pine Cone Shaped Computer Mouse


Pine Cone Shaped Computer Mouse

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