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Quirky Polar Bear Bench

The Arctic Polar Bear Bench takes you to the North Pole.

Polar Bear bench

Toscano's quirky polar bear chair is sure to be awe-inspiring in any room where it is placed.

The 'Arctic Polar Bear' bench is composed of crushed stone combined with resin and strengthened with fiberglass, with a genuine white finish.

It is perfectly hand-painted and is suitable for your home, salon, restaurant, or hotel. Given its true appeal, the polar bear bench presents a rather primitive and avant-garde feeling-like you would get in the North Pole.

The 'Arctic Polar Bear' is exclusively launched for Christmas and is currently on sale on Design Toscano's official website for $2,150. Although its price may be too high for a few people, it is indeed a good choice for those who are fascinated by super carnivorous bears. (Via)

Polar Bear bench


Polar Bear bench

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