Fastest Resin 3D Printer

Rocket 1 Resin 3D Printer completes tasks within a few minutes.

fastest resin 3D printer

Rocket 1 resin 3D printer is said to be the fastest resin 3D printer in the world so far. It promises you a printing speed of 380 mm/hour, user-friendly operation, and the smallest print object size in the world. Its resin extruder can process a single layer with a minimum diameter of 2mm. With this revolutionary technology, you can generate the smallest shapes, tiny sculptures, and even microscopic objects with just one click, which is the key to making products or gifts.

The Rocket 1 machine is the first in the world to project light down onto a resin surface from the top of a 3D printer, eliminating the need for a replaceable screen. This means that the light source and the resin are directly connected, increasing the efficiency of the machine. The Rocket 1 also uses less power and produces less waste than other resin 3D printers, making it an even more efficient 3D printing system.

Rocket 1’s resin tank can hold up to 3.7 kg of resin, making it an ideal size for small and medium-sized businesses. The tank uses a lock and drip design to ensure the safety of the resin. The company has also developed a resin-insoluble, non-toxic and reusable filling fluid. Liquid tanks are ideal for companies that want to provide customers with customized resin capabilities without having to buy large bottles and waste them or go through the hassle of recycling.
Rocket 1 is an industrial-quality resin 3D printer designed for demanding professional applications. It is durable, with an expected life span of more than 18,000 hours, and is capable of high-definition printing with the most advanced technology to ensure high-quality results every time. (Via)
fastest resin 3D printer

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