Nautical Theme Lamp Timepiece

The Khonsu Clock Lamp serves as a tabletop lamp, a decorative clock, and a wireless charger.

Nautical-Themed Lamp Timepiece

The Khonsu Lamp is the most versatile lamp you’ve ever encountered. Designed to serve as a tabletop lamp, a decorative clock, and also a wireless phone charger from time to time, this device comes with a design aesthetic that’s minimalist in form. The clean lines and sleek finish of Khonsu make it the perfect complement for placement in any room.

The Khonsu Clock Lamp is a true showstopper, boasting a striking round outline and a nautical inspiration theme, which comes alive when the lamp is turned on. The base of the elegant lamp is crafted from metal.

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The Khonsu provides a halo of soft light around the skeletal clock, casting a dramatic shadow on the wall behind it. The result is a dramatic spotlight effect that makes the reading time quite amazing in the dark.

The elegant timepiece is divided into three parts, a wooden base, a metal clock, and an LED light embedded in the circular periphery of the clock.

The Khonsu clock light even has a slot on the wooden platform that can be used to dock your phone. The silver button on the front of the wooden base allows you to turn on and off the LED lights and switch between three independent brightness settings.

Khonsu's exquisite design is amazing, and its minimalist expression is impressive. Khonsu clock perfectly integrates into any space, regardless of size.  It can be used as an accent piece on a mantel or tabletop, or it can be placed in an open space to bring life to your living room or dining room.

Nautical-Themed Lamp Timepiece


Nautical-Themed Lamp Timepiece

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