Portable Speaker with Ferrofluid Visualizer

Van der Waals' speaker with a ferrofluid visualizer looks like an alien symbiote dancing to music.

Portable Speaker with Ferrofluid Visualizer

Van der Waals' speaker aspires to provide the ideal audio-visual experience by combining superior sound with a display that includes a ferrofluid visualizer.

Van der Waals uses a ferrofluid visualizer in the speakers to provide music lovers with stunning graphics to match their favorite albums and songs. In response to vibration, the form of the ferrofluid changes. Therefore, you will get a psychedelic visual experience, like some dark tremors dancing with your music.

Van der Waals' audio system is also outfitted with a series of LED speaker lights, which creates a great contrast background for the ferrofluid dance.

In addition to the eye-catching appearance of the ferrofluid visualizer, the audio system itself has a circular, modern design. Van der Waals' audio devices use tempered glass and an anodized aluminum structure. It is not yet available for global retail, but if you act quickly, you can buy one of the 500 available units for $349 on Kickstarter.

The ferrofluid was developed by NASA and used in rocket spacecraft to control fuel in zero gravity.

The speaker's name is a homage to the late Dutch physicist and Nobel winner Johannes Diderik van der Waals, who derived an equation of state to prove that the aggregation state of gas and liquid is based on the same level.

Portable Speaker with Ferrofluid Visualizer

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