1st-Ever Taco Loyalty Program

Velvet Taco's loyalty program allows guests to order digitally and receive exclusive offers.

Taco Loyalty Program

The fast-growing restaurant brand Velvet Taco announced its special rewards through its "The Velvet Room" loyalty program, as well as the ability to place digital orders through Tableside, the latest in on-premise digital dining innovation. The new reward-based program was created in collaboration with Thanx, a leading physical store customer interaction platform.

The loyalty program is a tiered, visit-based program that rewards customers through unique items and VIP experiences instead of normal discounts. The program is also very important for gathering guest data, which will assist the brand in completely understanding guest behavior and consumption trends to affect overall strategy.

Guests will earn specific levels of points through the new loyalty program, such as "Kick-Ass" and "Bad Ass". Guests who spend more than $400 will also be eligible for the "Hard Ass" category, which includes unique rewards like a paid trip to Dallas and participation in an exclusive weekly Taco Feature tasting.

The loyalty program and the new digital ordering convenience innovations are expected to encourage clients to order directly rather than through third-party delivery channels, which have plagued restaurants since the epidemic began. (Via)

Taco Loyalty Program

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