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Analogue Pocket Console Carrying Bag

The Analogue Pocket Pouch is the perfect way to keep your device safe and sound.

Analogue Pocket Console Carrying Bag

WaterField is a manufacturer of bags and cases for electronic devices. The company solicits feedback from users to design products that fit their real needs. The latest product to come from this process is the Analogue Pocket Pouch. This pouch was designed based on input from fans of the Analogue Pocket, the device it is built for carrying. The pouch is a perfect size and has a great traditional look.

Available in five unique colors, the pouch is made out of a soft, yet durable material that stands up to the challenges that come with carrying a glass device.

The Analogue Pocket Pouch is the perfect accessory when you want to protect your gaming device but still want to be able to play on the go.

You never have to worry about ruining your Analogue Pocket when you carry it around in the pouch. The bag is waterproof and its softness ensures that the device is not scratched or damaged.

Use the convenient magnetic closure of the pouch to keep your device securely closed when you're not using it. No one will know you've got a gaming device safely tucked away in your professional-looking pouch.

There's a lot to love about the pouch, which makes it an ideal gift for your favorite technology lover or anyone who just needs a nice accessory bag.

Analogue Pocket Console Carrying Bag

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