Animal Species from LEGO Building Blocks

Mitsuru Nikaido's LEGO animal sculptures look like robot-like creatures.

animal species from LEGO building blocks

Mitsuru Nikaido is a Japanese artist who has been making intricate sculptures out of LEGO building blocks for years. He makes sculptures of different animal species from building blocks.
M. Nikaido's sculptures are so realistic that they seem to be alive. The animals have their own identity and look.
Nikaido's sculptures have become a kind of artform. His sculptures make us think about the nature of life and the world as it exists.
It’s like the artist is telling us to look at the sculpture for a second, and when you do, you’ll see how the work becomes even more intriguing and dynamic.
These amazing animals can be purchased through Nikaido's website.
animal species from LEGO building blocks
animal species from LEGO building blocks

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