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Tabletop Hand Massager for Gamers

The Bauhütte tabletop hand massager simulates a genuine hand massage for a beneficial effect. Tabletop Hand Massager for Gamers

The Gamer’s hand massager is a simple, but effective device that you can use to keep your hands strong and ready for action. It is great for gamers of all types, from casual gamers to hardcore PC and console gamers.No matter what kind of gamer you are it can help you keep your hands in tip-top shape. Bauhütte is a hand-massaging device created by the gaming hardware and peripherals maker from Japan, whose products are distributed all over the world. The Bauhütte hand massager is essentially a heated mattress with 15 air cushions, which supposedly simulate the feeling of a real massage. The massager has two modes to heal the gamer's hands: Shiatsu mode and thimble mode. Shiatsu mode firmly rubs the stiff points of the palm. The thimble mode pulls and stretches each finger. Bauhütte is a novel product, and it has indeed fulfilled its promise. If you want to try other similar products, there is no better choice than Bauhütte. The design is stylish and attractive, and its matte black makeover appeals to the target audience.

This hand massager is currently only available in Japan, priced at approximately $150.
tabletop Hand Massager
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