Biodegradeable Habitat Pods for Small Animals

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Biodegradeable habitat pods are designed to provide shelter to displaced wildlife.

 Biodegradeable Habitat Pods for Animals
The recent bushfires that ravaged the Australian countryside have killed hundreds of animals and many of these unfortunate victims were wild animals who had little chance of surviving in the aftermath of such a large-scale natural disaster. This is a tragic outcome for several reasons, the most important of which is that these animals are already facing considerable threats due to the spread of fires caused by deforestation and climate change.

Biodegradable habitat is a simple way to solve the problem of wildlife habitat destruction. Dr. Alexandra Cassie, a researcher at Macquarie University, has developed biodegradable animal habitats that can be easily produced on-site to provide temporary shelters for small animals. These biodegradable shelters are named As the "Habitat Pod".

The Habitat Pods are about two feet tall, with a six-pointed star-shaped interior reinforced by cardboard. The pod's exterior covering features openings that allow air and sunshine to pass through, allowing nature to flourish beneath the pods.

Habitat Pods are easy to carry into the wild because they are flat-packed. After being folded into a shape, stones or sandbags can be placed on the base and fixed on the ground.

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Carthey believes that most animals will not establish permanent homes in pods, but use them more as a means of evading predators, perhaps by running from one pod to another. Once the vegetation regenerates, the pods will simply biodegrade.

Dr. Alexandra Carthey was inspired to design habitat pods after witnessing ground animals succumbing to predators and bushfires destroying tall grass, shrubs, and other vegetation that would normally provide cover. (Via)
Biodegradeable Habitat Pods for Animals

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