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Light Switches and Electric Sockets Made from Bone Powder

Souhaib Ghanmi uses bone powder to create everyday objects, such as electric sockets and switches.

light switches and electric sockets from discarded bones

For many years, people have been arguing about plastic issues and their impact on the environment. Recently, people have begun to discover new ways to recycle it so that it can be reused again and again. People are still working hard to develop new options for sustainable choices of daily necessities in society.

Recycled discarded bones can be used to replace plastics currently used in the manufacture of daily necessities. This not only saves a lot of resources but also allows us to reuse these materials.

Wastes from slaughterhouses can be recycled into a bone meal can then be used as 100% organic animal feed, or as a fertilizer for your soil and plants.

Souhaib Ghanmi is a Swiss-Tunisian industrial designer who conceived The Elos concept, which includes a variety of light switches and electric outlets made of bone powder, making it a one-of-a-kind substance.

The designer was looking for the possibility of a new, less explored sustainable material. The idea of The Elos concept came after watching his father's cattle business, and the amount of waste generated after slaughter. This prompted him to conduct an additional study, and he found that the Swiss meat industry generates more than 230,000 tons of waste from the slaughterhouse every year.

Ghanmi believes that it is obvious to make bones into a widely used everyday product because it has been used historically as something equivalent to today's plastic. (Via)

light switches and electric sockets from discarded bones

light switches and electric sockets from discarded bones

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