Ducted-Fan Design Drone

The Dronut is the world's first bi-rotor ducted drone that can operate in GPs-restricted zones.

Ducted-Fan Design Drone

We've all seen videos of drones flying in enclosed spaces, but what happens when they get stuck? What if they get too close to people? What if they crash into something? We've all seen videos of people losing their drones in trees or bushes, but how often does that happen? Drones are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of uses, but the biggest obstacle for many people is the fear of crashing.

The Dronut is the first professional-grade, collision tolerant, safe-to-touch, wildly intelligent drone built with a ducted-fan design that can fly where no one else can. With its patented thrust-vectoring technology, it can operate in tight spaces, take direct hits without injury to the props, and fly near people without risk of harm.

The Dronut is sturdy and ready for action, owing to no exposed propellers and a structure made of composite materials. The cutting-edge autonomous suite requires little training, enabling the operator to focus on the task at hand and let the Dronut fly.

The Dronut may be switched to autonomous or pilot-assisted mode with a tap on your smartphone, making flying easier and safer.

Ducted-Fan Design Drone

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