Weather Creating Futuristic Concept Car

Citroën's La Meteo project envisions a futuristic concept car that can create pleasant weather inside the car according to the passenger's mood.

weather creating futuristic concept car

The futuristic concept of cars could change the way we travel every day. Some cars don't have wheels, and while others are envisioned to fly in the sky. While some cars are designed with wheels attached to the road.

How about a car that can create its weather inside?

The project is named ‘La Meteo’. As the name suggests, the project is ‘about’ the weather that can be created inside a car.

A team of four promising designers envisioned a futuristic car concept, inspired by the Citroen 2cv 1948, that can create different weather scenarios, depending on the passengers’ mood. Only by inserting a matched capsule, the car can transport you into an inspirational day.

All parts of the futuristic concept car can be assembled as it is based on the J theme. The structure consists of three glass displays that surround the car to create a more immersive 3D experience. The capsules contain aroma molecules that make the visual weather feel more realistic to improve the experience.

This futuristic concept car allows you to travel through different seasons. You can fill the car with sunlight when it rains outside, or insert some snowflakes to ignore the existing heat. (Via: Behance, Designboom)

weather creating futuristic concept car

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