Swedish Anti-Poaching Motorbike

'ösa AP' is a new off-road, all-electric motorbike designed to contribute to anti-poaching initiatives.

anti-poaching motorbike

As Africa's wildlife faces a serious poaching crisis, rangers have been forced to become savvier and more creative in their methods to stop poachers in their tracks.

In a bid to assist rangers, a Swedish e-bike company has announced the launch of a new off-road all-electric motorbike designed to help anti-poaching initiatives. The bike was built for traversing Southern Africa's varied terrain and will be donated to anti-poaching rangers.

CAKE, the Swedish electric bike maker, has announced the launch of a new all-electric motorbike called 'ösa AP,' which arrives with a robust, eco-friendly design that was purpose-built for traversing the varied terrain of Southern Africa.

The bike also features a built-in workbench and modular, clamp-on storage system that allows rangers to attach a wide range of tools, bags, and baskets to the bike. This allows them to carry out their anti-poaching activities more effectively and efficiently.

The ösa also has a big battery with many plugs, so it may function as a power station on two wheels, allowing the rider to be entirely autonomous and off-the-grid. (Via)

anti-poaching motorbike

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