Power Bank with External Display

The PDGO is an innovative power bank that features a series of ports and is equipped with an external display.

Power Bank with External Display

Technology has advanced in ways we could never have imagined. Every day, we use our phones for everything. But when it comes to keeping them charged, nothing is more frustrating than having your battery die in the middle of the day. Thankfully, the PDGO Power Bank has changed that. This sleek, innovative device is the only power bank you'll ever need.

The power supply is an important feature of a power bank as it guarantees that your gadget receives the necessary power. With PDGO, you can be certain that your device receives all of the power it requires, regardless of the type of port used. This is critical for keeping your device charged and ready.

The PDGO is a 100W power bank, which is more than enough to charge up your devices. It can even charge some devices twice as fast as a regular power bank. The PDGO also has a 1080p display that can be used as a viewfinder for your camera, a notification hub for your phone, or a tiny display for developers to prototype their mobile platforms/services. With three ports, the PDGO can charge all of your devices at once.

The PDGO is designed to be the ideal travel companion for anyone on the go. It will recharge any USB-powered device, anytime and anywhere. Since it's compact, you can easily slip it into your pocket or bag while out in public, making sure you always have a battery boost when needed most.

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Power Bank with External Display


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