Samurai-Inspired Practical Smartphone Stand

The 'Workingman’s Sword' is an essential smartphone stand that can be used as a common tool.

Samurai-Inspired Practical Smartphone Stand

We rely on smartphones for everything, from communicating with friends and family to finding the best places to eat. Despite all of their applications, we nevertheless require the use of our physical bodies sometimes. When that time arrives, rather than seeking assistance from another person, we turn to our smartphones.

The truth is, smartphones aren’t perfect. They have some major limitations, and in many ways, they’re quite unlike the computers we use every day. For example, smartphones aren’t very good at standing upright on their own. If you want to watch a movie, you have to prop your phone up on a table or stand.

There are plenty of smartphone stand accessories on the market today. But most of them are designed to be mounted to the back of your phone, allowing you to use your phone normally without having to hold it. While these types of phone stands are typically great for keeping your phone stable, they don’t offer nearly as much grip as a real working phone stand. That’s where the Workingman’s Sword smartphone stand comes in.

When most people think of samurai swords, they imagine ornate katana with beautifully crafted handles and blades. But when designers Chaoze Zhong and Chang Wu of Beijing-based Wild Zoo Design Studio got their inspiration from the Samurai’s katana, they envisioned something very different.

Workingman's smartphone stand is perfect for those who like to carry tools to assemble chairs, tables, drawers, or anything else.
The four-way connection of the stand is placed on the back of the smartphone and provides space for an ordinary M4 hex wrench. This supports smartphones in a variety of ways, making it easier for users to perform charging, video chat, multimedia streaming, and other tasks.
Samurai-Inspired Practical Smartphone Stand

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