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Inflatable Sustainable Housing Concept

The 'Puffer Village' is a proposed concept for sustainable housing development and a perfect solution for areas that are prone to natural disasters.

Inflatable Sustainable Housing Concept

The 'Puffer Village' is a cutting-edge concept for sustainable housing that would be able to adapt to the changing environment. The village is made up of modular homes that would inflate and deflate depending on the weather conditions. This would allow the village to either expand or contract depending on the needs of the inhabitants.

The homes would sit like spherical pods on the landscape, providing comfortable living on the interior regularly. In the face of severe storms or flooding from rising seas, the upper and lower parts inflate like pufferfish to keep residents and their property safe.

One major challenge facing many cities and towns today is the lack of affordable housing. This 'Puffer Village' concept is ideal for meeting that challenge. It would be a great solution for overcrowding, as well as the need for more sustainable and energy-efficient housing.

The planned location for the 'Puffer Village' would be in Ganvie, which is one of the largest lake villages located in Africa in the Benin region. That location is ideal because it would help to preserve the village's cultural heritage and traditions.

The 'Puffer Village,' designed by Sajjad Navidi, would be a self-sufficient village that would adapt to the changing environment.

The concept may seem quite utopian, but if we want our planet and its inhabitants to survive this century intact, then concepts like these need to become more widely adopted.

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Inflatable Sustainable Housing Concept

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