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A Rice Tower Made From Repurposed Barns

The nine-meter rice tower was created from five repurposed barns and reassembled into one tower.

A Rice Tower Made From Repurposed Barns

A barn is a focal point in the landscape and a landmark for a community. It not only provides a place for the community to store their grain, but it also serves as a gathering place. The barn is a reminder of a community's rich history and traditions.

Barns in Thailand are typically built using timber, a material that is abundant in the country. However, these barns are often left abandoned after the rice harvest, as they are no longer needed.

Thai architect Boon Serm Premthada has erected a rice tower made from repurposed barns. The architect tried to give a new architectural vocabulary of "barn" or "rice storage" which is widely used after the harvest season in the area. To do this, he repurposed five timber barns that were set to be demolished, reassembled them into one tower, and gives new life to abandoned structures.

The tower stands as a symbol of sustainability, as the materials were all reclaimed and the construction process reused as much as possible.

The rice tower serves as a playground for children during the day and a habitat for birds and other creatures at night. As a result, the rice tower welcomes tourists 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As the world's population continues to grow, we've looked for ways to increase food production while reducing waste. The Rice Tower offers a design solution that repurposes derelict barns and other agricultural structures into a space-efficient method of increasing rice cultivation and storage. (Via)

A Rice Tower Made From Repurposed Barns

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