Robot Restaurant for Winter Games

China has built robot restaurant for forthcoming Winter Olympics as a precaution.

China has constructed a robot restaurant to reduce interaction and the danger of coronavirus infections during the forthcoming Winter Olympics. The robots will assist in deliver of food and reduce the number of interactions required. This is one of the numerous precautions taken by the Chinese authorities to avoid breakouts during the event.

This restaurant is special because it will be the first restaurant to serve the Olympics. The delivery procedure is the coolest aspect, which employs a ceiling-based track system to autonomously move your meals from the kitchen to your table.

Human interaction can be a breeding ground for germs and viruses, and robots can help minimize contact. They are efficient, fast, virtually germ-free, and also unbeatable when it comes to interaction.

Without a doubt, this robot restaurant is going to have an interesting twist on the typical dining experience, and if you’re in China for the Olympics it will be worth checking out. Regardless of when you visit, make sure your food is cooked by humans at all times – after all, robots can't replace those who know how to make delicious food. (Via)

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