Delicious Tearless Onions

Sunions are Tearless Onions That Will Soon Be Available at Waitrose Stores throughout the United Kingdom.

Delicious Tearless Onions

Do you ever get an onion-related tear that won't stop? You may not have to deal with that anymore, because a new vegetable has hit the market: the Sunion.

Sunions are a new variety of onions that is said to be tearless. They are already available in select locations in the US and will soon be available in Waitrose stores in the UK. Sunions are described as being "unique because they do not make your eyes water, no matter how finely you chop them."

The tearless onions were developed over the previous 30 years by breeding a variety of vegetable kinds.

They will be sold in Waitrose stores across the United Kingdom beginning January 18. They're priced at £1.50 (approximately $2), so make sure to stock up for your next British feast.

These new types of tearless onions are sure to change the way we cook and eat. With a milder taste, Sunions can be eaten raw in salads or placed on top of sandwiches and burgers. They also have less sharpness when cooked, meaning they're perfect for grilling - just add them to skewers along with other veggies. (Via)

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