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Electric Lunar Motorcycle Concept

The Tardigrade lunar motorcycle concept is capable of withstanding harsh space conditions.

electric lunar motorcycle concept

The idea of a motorcycle on the moon dates back to the year 2020 when Russian engineer Andrey Fabishevsky first conceptualized it. A year later, German brand Hookie brought the idea to life, debuting their electric lunar motorcycle concept at the automotive Petersen museum in LA. The bike was named The Tardigrade and it quickly garnered a lot of attention from the media and the public.

The designers of the new Tardigrade motorcycle wanted to build a vehicle that was more versatile and lightweight, making it perfect for exploring the moon's surface. The moon's environment is incredibly hostile, so the Tardigrade has several features that make it resistant to extreme conditions.

It has an airless tire system, so it can travel over any terrain. It's also made of ultra-lightweight materials, so it's easy to transport. And lastly, it has a changeable battery system, so the rider can carry multiple batteries for long-distance trips.

While a well-designed lunar rover is nothing to sneeze at, the lunar motorcycle takes it to a whole new level. With an ultra-lightweight design and clever use of materials, the Tardigrade Motorcycle represents what engineering could achieve if we continue pushing forward in this direction.

Space travel, as well as transportation on other planets, will only become more important as time progresses – if human life is going to survive beyond Earth's boundaries long term, our ability to carry out missions both within our solar system and across the galaxy will be key for success. (Via)

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electric lunar motorcycle concept

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