Picnic-Friendly Scooter

The SMEG Futro Is A Scooter With Everything You Need For The Great Outdoors.

picnic-friendly scooter

Who doesn’t love a lazy Sunday in the park or on the beach? And what better way to get there than in an electric scooter with everything you need for the great outdoors. This sleek electric scooter is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure. From picnics to concerts in the park, the SMEG Futro is the ultimate all-in-one companion.

The Futro doesn't just offer a chic ride to your picnic spot—it's also equipped with all the amenities you need to enjoy a full day outdoors. The scooter's side panels open up to reveal a whole host of picnic items and tiny kitchen appliances, all the way from tiffins and thermoses to even a toaster and wine cooler!

And if that's not enough, the Futro's dashboard is also a touch-sensitive display that lets you access a navigation dashboard, music player, and more. With all these features, the SMEG Futro is the perfect scooter for a lazy Sunday spent outdoors.

You'll also appreciate Futro's stylish design, which leans heavily into the golden age of Italian automotive design. And best of all, the Futro is affordable and easy to use.

If you live in the city and never get to experience nature, buying a SMEG Futro is an investment that will pay off once the weather gets better. Not only does it offer you something else to do besides shopping or partying, but also because of its high-tech features like wireless connectivity and a smart lock that lets you monitor your scooter while away from home. Also, if you’re looking for a modern style with classic charm, this is the scooter for you!

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picnic-friendly scooter

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