UFO-Inspired Smartphone Charger

the UFO MagSafe Wireless Charger looks like an alien spaceship sitting on the back of your phone.

UFO-Inspired Smartphone Charger

The MagSafe charger has been a staple of the Apple ecosystem for many years, allowing for easy snap-and-go charging without the need for cables. The latest version of the MagSafe charger is suitable for iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 series and brings the same charging convenience to the formula through 15W of power.

The perfectly aligned magnets allow for maximum charging efficiency and deliver the fastest possible charge to your iPhone without the need for cables.

Geeks are always on the lookout for the next best thing when it comes to technology and the UFO MagSafe Wireless Charger will be the preferred choice.

MagSafe is different from any other iPhone accessory you've seen before. It has the shape of a UFO and looks like it is riding on the back of the iPhone 13.

Unlike most fancy gadgets, MagSafe's design is minimal and does not overemphasize the theme of spaceships.

It works in roughly the same way as the Apple MagSafe charger. It is magnetically connected to the back of the smartphone. Once you start charging the smartphone, it will begin to emit a warm orange hue to further enhance its beauty.
UFO-Inspired Smartphone Charger

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