Yeti-Inspired Sofa

Vladimir Naumov's Yeti sofa takes us to a magical world where everything is possible.

Yeti-Inspired Sofa

3D printing has made waves in the world of design and manufacturing, but when it comes to home furnishing, the technology hasn’t quite taken off. The latest effort to change that is a partnership between Vladimir Naumov—a Russian artist who specializes in high-resolution 3D visualizations—and Spanish furniture company Missana Lab. Together they're planning on bringing one of Naumov's designs into reality with a sofa set.

Vladimir Naumov's work is built on a unique language that seeks to manipulate imagination and perception through the use of bizarre forms and distinctive colors. The furniture he has designed is a clear example and a reference to this creative universe, inviting us to travel to a magical world where everything is possible. With its curved and adventurous lines, it's sure to make a statement in any room.

It is said that the artist was inspired by clouds while designing the piece. This is evident in the soft lines and overall comfort of the sofa. The Yeti sofa, named for its likeness to the mythical creature, is upholstered with faux fur that gives it a characteristic look. (Via)

Yeti-Inspired Sofa

Yeti-Inspired Sofa


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