Animal-Inspired Nose Warmers

Krystyna Dulinska’s nose warmers are unique and also a bit adorable.
animal-inspired nose warmers

A nose warmer is a fabric or knit that you put on your nose to help protect you from the wind and cold. It may be used as a fashion accessory to make any outfit more fashionable. You can wear it to ski, skate, or ride a sled down a hill. Some people use a nose warmer when they go out into the cold weather because it helps them stay warm.

When you think of nose warmers, you probably think of those thin strips of material that you stick up your nose to warm up your air before inhaling. But Krystyna Dulinska, a Polish designer, has taken them to a whole new level. Using crochet, she has created nose warmers that resemble animals, like koalas, tigers, and even a snowman.

Dulinska makes all her nose warmers in a safe smoke-free environment. She sells them through her Etsy store, Florfanka.

animal-inspired nose warmers

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