Crow-Shaped Drone

The Hooded Crow is a sophisticated drone, but more visually appealing.

Crow-Shaped Drone

Crows have been around for a very long time and even though they are both known as intelligent, playful, and tricksters, there is a darker and more ominous side to them. Many cultures associate crows with negative and evil omens, and this has trickled down into our modern culture.

Concept designer Amin Akshi may have been fascinated by crows and their cognitive abilities, which may be why Hooded Crow is the first in a series of bionic birds the designer aims to create.

This flying robot or drone has something to do with surveillance and rescue operations because it is equipped with cameras and sensors.

Amin mixes the bird in a contrasting black and light grey shape to give it a more friendly and stunning appeal.

The fabric material is employed for greater flexibility in moving the neck for aiming the camera at items while flying. The wings also include a fabric liner with soft cushioning material within, which aids in aerodynamic stability.

The solid frame tailpiece serves as the rudder, allowing the crow-shaped drone to move swiftly in the air. The designer puts realistic claws on the bird drone to make it more lifelike.

Amin Akhshi's series of bionic birds are not the only example of animals being turned into intelligent robots. Insects are a popular target, with projects like Harvard's RoboBee and the University of Southern California's Robeetle being just a few examples.

These small, agile robots have a lot of potential for reconnaissance and rescue missions, as well as other important tasks that are currently carried out by real-life animals. As creepy as they may be, it's exciting to see all the amazing things that robotics is capable of.

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Crow-Shaped Drone

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