Adorable Tiny Terrarium Keycaps

The Dwarf Factory Terrarium Keycaps provide new life to a keyboard.

Adorable Tiny Terrarium Keycaps

The need for customization originates from the fact that computers have grown increasingly integrated into our daily lives.

Many individuals desire something more than simply a conventional keyboard with a bit of whimsy and enchantment. They want the ability to select and modify their keyboard, whether it's a standard keyboard or one of the numerous programmable keyboards.

The Dwarf Factory Terrarium Keycaps are composed of resin-cast caps with tiny succulents (not real) embedded in them. They are intended to fit almost any standard keyboard.

These handcrafted terrarium keycaps are designed in the style of a traditional terrarium and are made with great care and attention to detail.

The plants are depicted quite well. They become a bright green when preserved in resin, adding a distinctive touch to your mechanical keyboard.

The keycaps are available in two shapes: rounded DOM and SA R1. They come in a variety of styles and are compatible with all Cherry MX switches.

These keycaps are a fantastic alternative to standard keycaps that are not only fun to play with but will also add a unique touch to your keyboard.

Adorable Tiny Terrarium Keycaps

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