English Teaching Robot

The Pudding Beansprout Robot is an English teaching robot to help children improve their language skills.

English Teaching Robot

The idea of having robots as companions isn’t too hard to fathom. After all, we have been using them for years to do menial tasks and to help us around the house. But what if we had robots that could help us learn a new language? What if they could help kids improve learning skills?

The Pudding Beansprout Robot is a concept device meant for kids. It’s a smart robot that can help children learn English at home. The robot’s main purpose is to help children practice their speaking and improve their fluency. It can also be used to play games and learn new words.

The Pudding Beansprout Robot is a cute light green robot and looks a bit like Big Hero 6’s Baymax because it’s one of the inspirations for the design apart from a beansprout.

The kid-friendly English teaching robot has a 300° rotating angle and can turn in various directions.

Children may be able to hear the English teaching robot but don't expect the robot to accomplish anything for you because its powers and capacities are limited. The Pudding Beansprout Robot's body houses an LCD screen, a camera, and a speaker.

The Pudding Beansprout Robot was created by Shenzhen-based inDare Innovation.

English Teaching Robot

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