Hourglass-Shaped Desk Lamp

Time Light is an hourglass-shaped desk lamp that reminds us of the importance of time.

Hourglass-Shaped Desk Lamp

The hourglass symbolizes the passage of time and was originally used to measure the passage of time, seasons, and life during the Greek and Roman ages. The hourglass shape was used to depict the passing of time in numerous cultures.

Peng Ren's "Time Light" is a small desk lamp shaped like an hourglass with a rotating lampshade that serves as a switch. It's a modern light that's meant to be both functional and elegant.

The portable desk lamp also works as a timer; simply twist the light on and set the duration; when the timer ends, the light turns off.

The rechargeable desk lamp has different lighting modes to choose from.

Time Light is intended to serve as a reminder to individuals that time is valuable. People are always aware of their time constraints and the fact that they only have a limited amount of time available to them.

We are aware of this fact when we use time and we also make the most of it.

Hourglass-Shaped Desk Lamp

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