Heart-Shaped Pizzas

Papa Gino's Heart-Shaped Pizzas are exclusively available on Valentine's Day.

heart-shaped pizzas

The return of Papa Gino’s Heart-Shaped Pizzas for Valentine’s Day is a popular occasion for lovers around the world. But while the pizzas are great for celebrating, they’re just as good any other day of the year. Pop in a pizza for dinner, order a heart-shaped pizza for your kids’ lunch, or give your Valentine’s Day dinner a romantic twist with a heart-shaped pizza for two—the options are endless!
Papa Gino’s is once again bringing this crave-worthy pizza tradition back to the masses, so be sure to order yours today.
For a limited time on Monday, February 14, Papa Gino’s is offering guests the chance to eat their hearts out with their special celebratory offering.
Meanwhile, the add-on toppings are completely up to you, so you can customize your pizza and make it uniquely yours by paying an additional fee.
Pizza isn’t the only thing worth celebrating on Valentine’s Day. Papa Gino’s is also offering guests the opportunity to celebrate the occasion with their pizzeria by offering exclusive Valentine’s Day merchandise in their Papa Gino’s Swag Shop.
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