Microplastic Collecting Tire

Pureback Nexen Tire separates and collects harmful microplastics while driving.

Microplastic Collecting Tire

Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that have become ubiquitous in our environment. According to research, microplastic pollution has harmed both the environment and human health. A new study has found that microplastics have become a much larger contributor to air pollution than previously believed.

The new research indicates airborne microplastics are becoming a substantial contributor to air pollution, outweighing the influence of bigger plastics such as bottle caps. The primary culprits that researchers believe are causing this pollution are vehicle tires.

Pureback Nexen Tire is a concept aimed to reduce air pollution generated mostly by tire wear. The eco-friendly tires separate microplastics while driving and the separated microplastics are gathered and utilized as a substitute for virgin material, reducing manufacturers' overall waste.

The sidewalls of microplastic collecting tires are made of steel to provide safe storage for dangerous airborne plastic that is undetectable to the naked eye.

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The collected microplastics are compressed and deposited in hydrogen filling stations connected to the hydrogenation system.

The Pureback Nexen's grooves and wheel cover housing feature an integrated LED lighting system on the side walls. When Pureback is collecting microplastics, it glows blue, and when the collection capsule reaches its maximum capacity, it illuminates red.

This signifies that the dangerous item should be deposited at the next hydrogen filling station.

Microplastic Collecting Tire


Microplastic Collecting Tire

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