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Planet-Friendlier Pizza

Knorr's eco-friendly pizza is made with Future 50 Foods that are better for the planet.

planet-friendlier pizza

There is no doubt that our food system contributes significantly to climate change. As the number of farms has declined and the population has increased, we have become increasingly reliant on agricultural products to feed our society. Because of the efficiency of our food systems, food production has become much more widespread, and as a result, a lot more energy is required to produce that food.

Eating plant-based meals helps to safeguard the future of nutrition by supplying more nutrients and conserving the planet's resources.

World Eat for Good Day (19 February) is an annual event that promotes the consumption of fresh, nutritious foods. On this occasion, Knorr has developed The Plizza, an eco-friendly pizza that offers a unique eating experience made completely of plant-based ingredients.

The planet-friendlier pizza will be offered for free on World Eat for Good Day in six cities across the world, and it will be delivered hot via the local food delivery app. The participating countries are the United States, Mexico, Indonesia, South Africa, Thailand, and China.

The Plizza is plant-based and filled with Future 50 Foods that are better for people and the environment and made even tastier with Knorr containing sustainably grown ingredients.

The eco-friendly pizza is part of Knorr's global goal to provide healthy food on seven billion plates by 2025. (Via)

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