Emotion Displaying LED Mask

The Qudi LED mask uses three different modes to express your emotions.

Emotion Displaying LED Mask

The Qudi Mask is the world’s first emotional LED mask. Emotion sensing technology has advanced significantly in recent years, with devices like the Qudi Mask taking emotion sensing to the next level by incorporating a series of lights that respond to your feelings.

As you wear the mask, LEDs embedded in the mask respond to your emotions, allowing you to express yourself without having to speak.

Unveiled at CES 2022, the Qudi LED mask features 199 smart LEDs that convey smiles, frowns, and more.

The LED mask has three options spanning multiple animations to suit a variety of personalities. It has six emotions in "Robot mode" including love, smile, surprise, confusion, anger, and cat face.

"Equalizer Mode" adapts to the music playing on the smartphone, while "Presentation Mode" alternates between animations every five seconds.

For years we've been wearing face masks for different reasons. Many of us wear them to protect our skin, or to protect us from the flu.

Face masks have evolved into much more in recent years, with the Qudi mask, which transforms you into living emojis, being a wonderful example.
Emotion Displaying LED Mask

Emotion Displaying LED Mask


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