Smart Music Player

Spotify Car Thing smart music player listens to voice commands to play music, news, and other content.

Smart Music Player

If you are looking for a smart music player that you can use to listen to anything you like, the Spotify car thing is the answer. With a smart music player, you can connect your car to Spotify so you can listen to your favorite songs, the news, and entertainment. The Spotify Car Thing is the first smart device that brings Spotify on board. It connects to your car’s stereo system, giving you access to millions of songs, the news, and more.

This in-car smart music player responds to your orders through voice control. It plays music, news, and entertainment while simultaneously making phone calls and doing other things.

Just say "Hey Spotify" and ask for a song, album, or podcast to accompany your ride. Instead, use the dial to navigate to songs and playlists that make you happy.

Designed for Spotify lovers, a premium subscription is required to bring you ad-free listening without distractions. Spotify Car Thing also has a beautiful display that takes up very little space, showing exactly what's playing, what's about to play, and more. It's a great option for cars lacking a smart screen and doesn't require any complicated installation.

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