Pop-Culture-Inspired Headphone Stands

The Angled 3D-printed headphone stands are a great way to incorporate your favorite character into your daily workflow.

pop-culture-inspired headphone stands

With a collection of 3D printers, Angled can build some of the most incredible pop-culture-inspired headphones stands around. The brand’s lineup of themed headphone holders is a way for avid superhero fans to incorporate their love of the comic book world into their workstation decoration without having to shell out hundreds of dollars on an officially licensed DC Comics or Marvel product.

The Angled 3D-printed pop-culture-inspired headphone stands are designed to look like the base or headset of the character it’s named after, making them a fun and interesting addition to your desk setup.

The Angled 3D-printed headphone holders maintain a relatively large construction thanks to their lifelike design that will make them only suited for diehard fans with desktop space to spare.

The pop-culture-inspired headphone stands are 3D-printed pretty much to scale, making them a perfect fit for most standard headphones and even VR headsets.

Each of the Angled 3D-printed headphone holders is designed by a different artist or designer, allowing you to customize your collection to reflect your innermost geeky desires.

Once an artist’s model gets approved by the Angled team, it can be uploaded to the website and purchased by fans and collectors all around the world. The designer or artist also gets a commission for every sale of headphone stands.

pop-culture-inspired headphone stands


pop-culture-inspired headphone stands

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