LEGO Scooter Model

The LEGO Vespa 125 lego scooter model is a tribute to the iconic Italian two-wheeler.

LEGO Scooter Model

The Vespa 125 is a stunning brick-built replica of a classic Vespa scooter. A detachable engine cover, brick-built engine, and functional steering give it the genuine appearance of a 1960s scooter, and its basket with removable flowers and spare wheel add to its play value.

The LEGO scooter model is a beautiful homage to the iconic Vespa, with its pastel pale blue hue being one of the earliest colors produced for this Italian icon.

The Vespa 125 comes with a collection of genuine detailing stickers that may be used to build even more authentic LEGO models of classic Vespa vehicles.

The Lego Vespa 125 is a limited edition playset of 1,106 pieces with its building instructions. The Lego Vespa 125 will be available at Lego.com, Lego Stores, and other retailers worldwide on March 1.

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