Finger-Worn 3D Mouse

The portable design of the AirPoint provides excellent air mouse functionality.

Finger-Worn 3D Mouse

AirPoint Mouse is a wearable device that enables the user to control the cursor of their computer or laptop with ease while performing other tasks.

It's perfect for gamers, power users, and those who work in high-end graphics applications, remote desktop sessions, and virtual machines.

This device combines a traditional mouse with the benefits of an air mouse and puts them together in one package. This not only makes it light and comfortable to use but also allows for precise cursor motions with just the slightest finger movement.

The two touchpads on each side of the AirPoint enable left and right clicks. The innovative design of the device allows for both left and right-hand usage. As with many mice, the number of buttons on the left touchpad varies depending on product configuration.

Dock the ring to its base to use it as a regular mouse. An innovative device is a one-of-a-kind gadget that combines surface motion tracking with 3D motion detection.

The AirPoint enhances the professionalism of your presentations, and the AirPoint app includes functions such as spotlight, magnifier, and pointer.

Finger-Worn 3D Mouse

Finger-Worn 3D Mouse

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