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Bird-Friendly Hotel Room

Biosphere hotel room in Sweden is surrounded by 350 birdhouses.

Bird-Friendly Hotel Room

A treehouse hotel is a unique, immersive experience that responds to visitors' natural and social demands. A typical treehouse hotel is inspired by a forest and is intended to be a more natural and genuine alternative to traditional hotels.

BIG, a Danish architectural studio, has shown its concept for a hotel room surrounded by hundreds of birdhouses for Sweden's Treehotel.

The bird-friendly hotel room, dubbed Biosphere, will become the eighth room at the hotel which is located in a remote forest in Swedish Lapland.

The hotel room is surrounded by 350 birdhouses, and the design attempts to reverse the downward spiral of Sweden's forest bird population by improving natural habitats.

Biosphere will be suspended above the ground and accessed via a bridge.

Birdhouses of various sizes emerge from the cubic construction, forming a spherical cloud surrounding the room.

The room has triple-glazed, full-height windows, as well as glazed ceilings and floors, allowing visitors to see birds.

The bird-friendly Biosphere hopes to inspire guests to build birdhouses in their own homes to better connect with nature.

Bird-Friendly Hotel Room

Bird-Friendly Hotel Room

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